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Below are the subtopics for the 16hr Direct Care Staff Training:

  1. Environmental Emergency/Safety Procedures

  2. Recognizing and Responding to Emergencies/Detecting Signs of Illness or dysfunction that warrant medical or nursing intervention

  3. Human and Civil Rights (Customer’s Rights)

  4. Incident Documentation and Reporting/Reporting Critical Incidents

  5. Infection Control and Universal Precautions

  6. Documentation of Services 

  7. Implementing Service Plans/Skills Required for Client’s Needs

  8. Confidentiality and HIPPA of 1996

  9. Management of Aggressive Behavior

  10. Staff Ethics

  11. Scald Prevention

Below are the subtopics for Abuse & Neglect Training:

  1. Identifying and Recognizing Abuse

  2. The Nature and Causes of Abuse

  3. Reporting Abuse

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